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Sunnyhill provides tailored residential support to individuals with developmental disabilities in a variety of different settings. Our residential services range from support a few hours a week to 24 hours a day.

Residential services can be delivered in a person’s natural home, in a community based home or in one of our residential facilities. All of our residential supports are provided by personnel trained in abuse and neglect, CPR/first- aid, positive behavioral supports, medication administration, nutrition and personal care.

914The goals for our residential supports are:  To foster independence, assist with skill acquisition and development, community participation and inclusion, development of social skills and relationships, to provide a healthy and safe environment, and help the individual to participate in meaningful activities.

Residential supports and Related Therapies offered:

Please click on any service you are interested in to learn about the residential support.  For more information, please contact Donny Mitchell at 314.845.3900.