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DSC06904Thirty-two individuals will live in one of five resident buildings, sitting on 18-acres in DeSoto, MO.  Staffing will include 1:4 (staff/residents) up to 1:10, 24-hours/day.

The services provided include room, board, medication administration and personal care assistance with basic activities such as hygiene, dressing and eating.


  • People who are unable to live by themselves but do not need skilled nursing care

Counties Served

  • ALL


  • SSI and other benefits
  • Medicaid cash grant
  • Personal Care units through DHSS if authorized
  • Private pay

Click here for an informational flyer.

For additional information please contact Bruce King – Sunnyhill Independence Center: 636.586.2188


Large living room located in the main building.


6 Private Bedrooms available


Beautiful, large living room located in one of the residential buildings.


13 Semi-Private Rooms available