Independent Supported Living (Waiver)

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Sunnyhill’s community based Independent Supported Living Medicaid Waiver program(Waiver)is designed to meet the individual support needs of each person served.

Individuals receiving Waiver reside in a community home with one or two other roommates.The goal is to teach living skills and create opportunities for individuals to fulfill their potential and reach their dreams.

Each individual has their own support team that works in partnership with family, medical supports, employment, day programs, schools, community resources, case managers and other natural supports.

Sunnyhill support staff is available 24 hours a day to assist with instruction on daily living skills, participation in meaningful activities, relationship formation and community access. Sunnyhill currently provides Independent Supported Living Assistance Waiver services in over 47 locations.


  • DD diagnosis prior to age 22
  • Qualifying PON score
  • Demonstrate significant need
  • Medicaid eligible

Counties Served

  • St. Louis City
  • St. Louis County
  • St. Charles
  • Jefferson
  • St. Francois


  • Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver